When you just want IT to work

Red Rocket Toronto

Personable, Reliable, In-Home Computer Training and Support



In-Home Service Home Networking iPad & Tablet Virus Removal Music & Picture Sharing One-to-One Training

Are you looking for someone who can just make what you have work for you or can give you a good reason why time has passed it by?

Do you need someone you can call or e-mail and get a quick reply on how to perform an action with which you are familiar but have simply forgotten how to do?

Do you – or anyone in your family – need a new computer, cell phone, or wireless router but are not sure what to buy, how they might be connected and you don’t trust the commission-driven sales staff?

Red Rocket Technical Services has solutions for your problems. Matt Shorter, who for many years made sense of fast-changing information technology to a generation of students at a prestigious, technologically-oriented Toronto school, can help you. Depending on what you need, he can mediate between you and your technology by making house calls or by working remotely on your home or office technology from his base in mid-town Toronto.