The Cloud

Cloud Storage

Do you have all of your pictures, music, and important documents stored on your desktop or laptop computer? As more and more of our important memories are created and stored digitally, there is real risk of losing them if something goes wrong with the computer they are stored on. Cloud computing is basically storing all of these important files online, removing the risk of losing them from mishap. Red Rocket can take your current files and create a cloud-based storage solution for you, keeping your files safe and secure.

Cloud Email

Is your email address associated with your Internet provider? If yes, now is a good time to consider going a cloud-based email provider that is independent of physical provider. Google. Microsoft, and Yahoo all offer web-based email services that are easy to use, allow you to access your email from anywhere in the world, and tie in nicely with other online services. Red Rocket can help you choose the service that’s right for you, setup and configure the service, and devise a plan for moving your old email over to your new service. If you like, we can also setup your phone, tablet ¬†or other Internet capable device to use this service.

Cloud Apps

Tired of having to upgrade and update office suite applications endlessly? Looking for a solution that helps manage your documents and keeps them safely stored automatically? Google Apps is for you. From any Internet-connected computer anywhere, you can access, work on and save your documents so that they will be compatible with Microsoft Office and other commercial office suites. Red Rocket can setup these services for you and train you on how to use them to keep organized and tame the document beast.