What We Do

technology support help me please!

Computer problems?

Not only can we help you get back up and running with no fuss, we’ll assess your needs fully at the start. We’ll work out what your goals and priorities are, then tailor a solution that works for you. So if you want personalized training to help you come to grips with your new home office, or just want to get everything working as it should, with our support you’ll be up and running in no time.

Complicated Technology?

One of the most common issues we encounter is clients with lots of disparate household technologies. This may mean you have a traditional desktop PC, a Macbook, perhaps an Android tablet, an Internet connection and a printer and can see no way to get them working in harmony. To make your life easier and your computing more efficient, we can integrate each item of technology into a single, suitable solution that maximizes ease of use with each device.

We’re here to help

It’s our aim to develop an ongoing IT support relationship with you and be there when you need us. You’ll find our pricing structure to be refreshingly transparent and surprisingly straightforward. And you won’t need to wait days to get an appointment; in some cases we can be with you in a matter of hours. For your complete peace of mind, our service is guaranteed. But, we also build our business on referral. So if you’re not happy, neither are we.

On-site Services

Red Rocket on-site service brings a technician right to your house, apartment or condo. You can expect our representative to arrive on-site promptly, neatly attired and ready to get to work. Your problem will be assessed and a solution presented clearly and concisely with upfront and transparent pricing.

Remote Services

Red Rocket remote services enables our technician to log in to your computer from our central office. This allows us to troubleshoot smaller problems, perform routine maintenance, scan for virus issues, and present individualized training sessions. You will be able to watch as work is performed on your computer if you wish. Rest assured we can access your computer only when you authorize us to do so.

Virus & Spyware Removal

One of the unfortunate side effects of living in this digital age is the risk of virus, spyware and malware infection. These are all terms for programs that, through various delivery methods, may be installed on your computer by hackers, creating a myriad of problems. These problems include capturing your private information (passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, email contacts), tricking you into paying for unnecessary products and services, and causing havoc with your computer. Red Rocket approaches these infections in a two-pronged manner. First, we thoroughly root out and remove the offending software.  Second, we ensure that you have the appropriate software and that it is properly configured to ensure that you stay infection-free going forward.

Google Apps

A comprehensive solution for small business email and document management, Google Apps is an affordable, reliable answer for these needs. Red Rocket can setup Google Apps and migrate your current email system over to this system, providing a cloud-based solution to see your business well into the future.

Software & Social Media

With the wide range of communication and social media applications currently available at little or no cost, keeping in touch with family and friends has never been easier. Red Rocket can install, set up and show you how to use Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as other popular software suites, allowing you to keep up with those who matter most.


Printers, scanners, phones, tablets, digital and video cameras and so much more. Modern technology is no longer about one or two devices but a host of varied technologies that don’t always work together out of the box. Getting the most out of today’s technology can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Red Rocket can help you understand and use your technology to its fullest, possibly emboldening you to take it to the next level.

Home Networks

As households add computers, tablets, phones, gaming systems, and home entertainment centres to the mix, home networks become increasingly more complex. Whether to go wired, wireless, or a mix of both, maybe adding a guest network, and finding a balance between security and ease of use are all important considerations. These decisions can be overwhelming to the consumer who just wants it all to work. Red Rocket will work with you to fashion a solution that is both easy to manage but also secure enough to keep the cyber-villains of the world at bay.

Business Networks

Whether in a home office, leased space, storefront or restaurant, your network infrastructure is key to running your business. Red Rocket can work with you to plan, implement and maintain your network, providing what you and your customers need.

 Personalized Training

Would you like to get more out of your current technology setup? Have you been meaning to learn how to use one of the currently popular social media applications such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter? Red Rocket offers training in computer basics, social media, common software applications, and more. Training sessions can be delivered in-person, over the Internet using desktop sharing software, or in a group environment.

Cloud Storage

Do you have all of your pictures, music, and important documents stored on your desktop or laptop computer? As more and more of our important memories are created and stored digitally, there is real risk of losing them if something goes wrong with the computer they are stored on. Cloud computing is basically storing all of these important files online, removing the risk of losing them from mishap. Red Rocket can take your current files and create a cloud-based storage solution for you, keeping your files safe and secure.

Cloud Email

Is your email address associated with your Internet provider? If yes, now is a good time to consider going a cloud-based email provider that is independent of your physical provider. Google. Microsoft, and Yahoo all offer web-based email services that are easy to use, allow you to access your email from anywhere in the world, and tie in nicely with other online services. Red Rocket can help you choose the service that’s right for you, setup and configure the service, and devise a plan for moving your old email over to your new service. If you like, we can also setup your phone, tablet  or other Internet-capable device to use this service.

Cloud Apps

Tired of having to upgrade and update office suite applications endlessly? Looking for a solution that helps manage your documents and keeps them safely stored automatically? Google Apps is for you. From any Internet-connected computer anywhere, you can access, work on and save your documents so that they will be compatible with Microsoft Office and other commercial office suites. Red Rocket can set up these services for you and train you on how to use them to keep organized and tame the document beast.